J Capital posted a 31 page analyst report on Wisetech during the week where they laid out some audacious claims. Wisetech have provided their response and in it was the following quote: There is something that grates on me about these type of responses. The majority of investors are on… Continue Reading Wisetech (WTC) some thoughts

Michael Mauboussin has written a heap of great work over the years. I especially like his thoughts on skill and luck and the role they play in all aspects of our life. He presents a simple question to determine the role of skill and luck in an activity. Ask the… Continue Reading Luck and Skill – How can I lose on purpose?

Getswift (GSW) is a hot topic and is polarising. You believe or you do not. Nothing breeds passionate opinions like having your money on the line, probably the only thing more motivating to defend this opinion is having your ego attached. No one wants to be wrong, right? If you… Continue Reading What fact(s) would change your opinion? – Getswift

I am reluctant to add to the property debate in Australia, multiple tomes have been written on it. People attach the same fervour to talking about property as they do religion and politics. I like to keep my identity small on these things so I will offer a limited view.… Continue Reading Oz Property – Keep dancing Chucky Prince style