Retail is tough.¬†One thing that has previously worked in the model has been the ability to reinvest profits from existing stores and expand out a network of new stores. Walmart in the US was a great example. Bunnings has been able to build out a big box store network in… Continue Reading Baby Bunting (BBN) – Can store roll-out still work?

I would recommend you read Modern Monopolies by Alex Moazed.¬†published in 2016. In it he unpacks with great detail the modern monopolies that we see in Facebook, Google, Tencent, Alibaba, Apple and Amazon to name a few. How they become what they are, not necessarily that they had the ‘first… Continue Reading Modern Monopolies – Australia’s aspiring platform businesses Part 1

ZipMoney(ZML) provides merchants and customers an online digital alternative to a physical credit card. Zipmoney provides an interest free line of credit to consumers across a number of participating merchants. After the initial 3 month interest free period expires the outstanding customer balance reverts to an annualised 19.9% interest charge.… Continue Reading ZipMoney (ZML) – Some thoughts