Charley Ellis wrote a book years ago called Winning the Losers Game, essentially the main idea is that to win in investing we should focus on avoiding the losers. His idea was based on a book about professional tennis being a winners game, you win tennis by hitting more winners… Continue Reading Hugging the middle of the Performance Bell curve

In a previous life I was a director of a solar company. Great story but wait. An important part of the business was monitoring energy and solar production both pre and post installation. For the not so tech savvy measuring power is really simple. Power you draw from the grid… Continue Reading Buddy (BUD) – Just a CT Clamp company?

I have been thinking a lot lately about retail as everyone has. The reaction by off-line retailers has been to create or up their online presence to compete with potential new threats coming their way. If I hear the word omni-channel marketing from another retailer I think I am going… Continue Reading Retail Online Platforms – Vertical or Horizontal?

Retail is tough. One thing that has previously worked in the model has been the ability to reinvest profits from existing stores and expand out a network of new stores. Walmart in the US was a great example. Bunnings has been able to build out a big box store network in… Continue Reading Baby Bunting (BBN) – Can store roll-out still work?