I would recommend you read Modern Monopolies by Alex Moazed.¬†published in 2016. In it he unpacks with great detail the modern monopolies that we see in Facebook, Google, Tencent, Alibaba, Apple and Amazon to name a few. How they become what they are, not necessarily that they had the ‘first… Continue Reading Modern Monopolies – Australia’s aspiring platform businesses Part 1

ZipMoney(ZML) provides merchants and customers an online digital alternative to a physical credit card. Zipmoney provides an interest free line of credit to consumers across a number of participating merchants. After the initial 3 month interest free period expires the outstanding customer balance reverts to an annualised 19.9% interest charge.… Continue Reading ZipMoney (ZML) – Some thoughts

Austin Engineering (ANG) Austin Engineering manufacturers mining equipment in Australia, South America and Asia. Since the end of the mining boom the company has recapitalised its balance sheet on a number of occasions to reduce debt. Net debt peaked around $94m in 2015. As you can see below¬†Austin has increased… Continue Reading Austin Engineering (ANG) – Free cash flow is hard to find